Haldibari ensures free supplies of drinking water to locals

Baniyani (Jhapa), Sept 14 (RSS):

The Haldibari rural municipality in Jhapa has launched the free distribution of drinking water to the locals, aiming to improve people's access to clean drinking water.

According to rural municipality chair Rabindra Lingden, the local government has greatly realised that access to clean drinking water is the basic requirement of the citizens and it is responsible for addressing such need.

The local government has ensured that each family receives up to 10 units (10,000 liters) of water per month free of charge. "We priortise the supplies of safe drinking

water to the rural municipality folks as it is directly related to their health," he added.

Previously, consumers were charged Rs120 per month for the use of water up to10 units and now it is totally free. However, if the usage exceeds this limit, consumers are charged on the basis of consumption.

Similarly, the local government has provided free water meters to the disadvantaged communities in the area. It is reported that the government procured 756 water meters and distributed them to the target group. Currently, there are drinking water projects in operation in Haldibari.